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Daisy Mae

11-30-2012:  I have finally restocked Temple Essence Indo Patchouly Perfume Solids and the Amber Butter Perfume Solids!!!  Enjoy!

04-01-2012:  I LOVE new stuff !!  I found a new Ritual Candle color - Light Pink - which is lighter than our regular Pink!  Very soft and feminine!  I also restocked:  Black, Blue, Orange, White and Yellow.

I went looking for a new variety of Ritual Candleholders for the Ritual Candles and found 2 new designs!  First is the Flower-design Glass Candleholder in a variety of colors:  Aqua, Cobalt Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow.  I also ordered the Green one, but is was out of stock...so look for it down the road!  And then I found these lovely, little Cube Candleholders with Pewter accents!  You can find a Fairy, Moon, Owl (too cute!) and Pentacle!

I decided to add a 4 oz Bag of Sand for your special Charcoal Burners!  (Go to the end of the page to find it!)  Very easy to use!  Don't forget to pick up some Charcoal Discs also!

New designs in my Glass Incense Stick Burners!  I brought in:
A Dolphin which features an ocean colored glass with a finely sculpted pewter accent with a crystal gem!
The Goddess features a crystal-like tone glass with a finely sculpted pewter accent.  This glass burner is not a smooth glass - it's ... rippled glass!!
I also restocked my best seller - the Dragonfly - really nice!  I ordered the Butterfly too, but alas, it was out of stock ...

I also found some lovely Bamboo with Fimo and Stone Incense Holders!  4 Standing Incense Stick Holders (Dragon, Goddess, Pentacle & Celtic Triquetra) and 2 Smoking Towers (Goddess & Pentacle)!  These are just gorgeous!  No two are alike!  Enjoy !!

09-01-2011:  I'd like to update those who left prayers and good thoughts regarding my little sister!  The first surgery did not go all that well.  But, to be fair, this was the very first time in her life that she has had to deal with anesthesia...  They had to shave her entire head, cut her cranium open from ear to ear to place 65 probes onto her brain.  Seven days later, she was scheduled for her second surgery to remove a mass on the left part of her brain.  Very traumatic.  We thought she was going to be worse after the second surgery - but lo & behold - the second surgery went so well that, if we didn't know she had it?  We'd never believe she had that surgery!!!  She was discharged 3 days after the second surgery....hard to believe!  She handled the long car trip home - 150 miles (about 3 ˝ hours - CA highways are scary!!) better than the rest of us did!  Her appetite is strong and so far no seizures.  Her hands do not shake as bad as they did prior to surgery either.  They gave her a "staple remover kit" for her local Doctor to remove 10 days later - a total of 41 staples....  She's, by no means, out of the woods, but she is definitely on the road to a full recovery!  The Neurologists/Surgeons expect a year of rehab before she can continue with a normal life.  The Doctors and Staff at Stanford are so wonderful!

Anyway, it's sooo good to be back in AZ!  Again - Thank You for all the prayers and good wishes for my little sister while I was gone!  Your prayers helped us all get through this!

07-13-2011:   Due to a family emergency, I am shutting down the Payment Options to stop Orders from coming through. In the mean time, please feel free to browse my site. I'll be leaving for California on Monday, July 18th and expect to return on September 1st. 
My little sister is scheduled for brain surgery later this month. The technical name of the surgery is called - Frontal Lobectomy Left Craniotomy. To understand what she's up against, you can read more about it here:
Stanford School of Medicine - Epilepsy

Here's a video of Phase II and Phase III surgeries:
Risks and Benefits of Surgery

Her husband has also decided to divorce her at this critical time of her life as well. My mom and I are really stressed. What kind of a person would do that? He's not a very nice person. She's going through the worse kind of abuse you can think of right now - both physical and mental.

We'd really appreciate any and all prayers at this time.
Thank you and Brightest Blessings

05-31-2011:  I have brought in some new products that I hope you will enjoy!
I've added 3 new Ritual Candles ~ Aqua, Brown & Lavender and restocked Green, Purple & Red. The Green Candle is not the same color you have received in the past.  This one is a little lighter.  I'm told that it depends on the dye-lot for each candle run.  pffft!  Anyway, I hope you like the new color!

2 new Candle Snuffers ~ Silver Goddess & Silver Pentacle!  These are gorgeous!

I also added a Book of Shadows.  This is a great BoS for beginners!  Enjoy your journey!

And last, but not least, I added a nice little kit of Stone Nuggets and a Chart that shows 36 of the most popular tumbled Stones with their metaphysical properties.  Enjoy!

02-16-2011:  I am celebrating my 10th anniversary at Jasper's Secret Garden - WOW - where has the time gone?! I want you to benefit in my celebration by offering you 10% off any product order of $10.00 or more!  Your one-time-only Coupon Code is:  10Years!  So make it count!  All you have to do is add $10.00 worth of product(s) to your shopping cart and type the coupon code (which is case sensitive) in the shopping cart and 10% will be taken off of your subtotal.  Remember ~ if your subtotal is $100.00 or more, please change your shipping option to UPS Ground to receive FREE shipping AND 10% off your products as well!  PS: You will receive 3 additional Coupons to use when I ship your order!  Enjoy!  (Expires Dec 31, 2011)

02-01-2011:  As you can see, I have changed my site to a much friendlier way to shop and browse!  No more logging-in to buy your favorite products!  No more trying to remember what your User Name and Password is/was!!  I even have an easier Coupon redemption system!  I started my business using this system back in 2001 and switched to another shopping cart in February 2007.  I am sooo glad to be back to this much simpler way of shopping and browsing ~ you have no idea!!  I hope you agree with me and enjoy your experience!  Blessings!

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