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Daisy Mae

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...Browse Our Site:
All of our products are listed in the left-hand border of every page.  You may click on any link and it will take you to that particular product line.  The links for our Aroma Lamps, Candle Holders, Candles, Incense, Incense Accessories and Reed Diffusers will take you to separate Catalog pages, allowing you the option of choosing a particular kind of  product, accessory or design to view.

Once you have selected the product you wish to view; the item number, description, scent, design, how sold (i.e.: each, package, box, kit) and price appear for each of our products.  If there is a thumbnail (small graphic), you may click on it to view a larger image of the product.  If you do not wish to order a product from this page, simply click on another link located on the left border to continue browsing our product lines.

...Purchase An Item:
Move your cursor to the Quantity field and insert the desired quantity you wish to order.  Please be certain that you view how the item is sold.  On a package of 10 Incense Sticks, you would only order 1 - not 10.  (Unless of course you want 10 packages of Sticks!)  I also suggest that you make all of your selections on each page, before pressing the "ADD TO CART" button, otherwise, you'll have to return to that page to purchase another item from the same page. Once you have made your selection(s), press the "ADD TO CART" button, located below each product table.  At this time, you will be taken to your Shopping Cart, where you can view what you have purchased so far.  There are some pages that do not have a QTY field, just an ADD TO CART button and some pages with a checkbox/ADD TO CART button at the bottom of the page.  Once you place this item into your Shopping Cart, you can change the quantity in your shopping cart, if you wish to.

...Make Changes To Your Shopping Cart:
You may click "VIEW CART" at any time to view the items in your Shopping Cart.  On your Shopping Cart page, you can adjust the quantity of each of your items.  Highlight the quantity field, insert the quantity you wish to order, then press the "Recalculate" button, located at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page.  If you've changed your mind on a particular item, press the "Trash Can" button, which is located next to your Quantity box and it will disappear. If you wish to continue shopping, click on the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" graphic located below your Shopping Cart.  This will take you back to the last page you were at.

...Complete Your Online Shopping:
Once you are ready to check-out, please use the "Special Instructions/Comments (if any):" box for any message you need/wish to send us.  Then click on the "CHECK OUT NOW" graphic,
located below your Shopping Cart.

On the next page, fill in your Billing Address and Shipping Address (if different than your Billing Address).  Please make sure this page is secure before entering any information.  You can also check the box "Remember my name and address for my future purchases" if you wish.  Click on the CONTINUE button when you're ready.
The next page will let you choose which payment method you wish to use.  For your protection, Credit Card and PayPal details are collected using an SSL secured server.
Payment by Credit Card
Payment by PayPal
Cash on delivery (for LOCAL orders ONLY!)
Click on the CONTINUE button
Enter your credit card details.  If you're using PayPal, it will take you to PayPal to finish paying for your order!  You will be taken to a page with an order number.  You will also receive an email to let you know your order went through.

To avoid any delays in shipping, please fill in every applicable field on the Order Form - Name, Company Name (if any), Billing Address, Shipping Address (if different than Bill To), Email Address and Phone Number.  When you are confident everything looks alright, press the "CONTINUE" button and follow the instructions that follow - depending on which payment option you choose.

Your credit card will not be charged until it is ready to ship!

No matter which payment option you choose, we will receive your order via email as soon as you submit it.  All orders will be confirmed via e-mail, so please make sure you typed in the correct email address.  We will contact you to let you know when your order shipped along with the tracking number, so that you can track your order online, if you wish.  Please feel free to contact us at any time!  For further information, please read our "Terms & Conditions" page regarding our strict policy on your Privacy.

~ Thank You! ~
We'd like to take this opportunity to Thank You for visiting Jasper's Secret Garden.
We hope your stay was enjoyable and we look forward to meeting you again!
If you have any questions regarding any of our products, or if there is a particular fragrance
or product not listed on our site that you are looking for, please contact us and we will do
what we can to locate it for you!
~May your inner light guide you~
Brightest Blessings


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