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Daisy Mae

Swift Lite Charcoal Discs

Swift Lite Charcoal Discs are self-lighting and long-burning mini charcoal tablets.  They can be used to burn resins, incense, powdered herbal blends or dried herbs.  Swift Lite is a top quality brand; they burn evenly and stay lit.  There are 10 discs per roll.  In order to maintain freshness, opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place.  Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and a long burning time.


Item #


Unit Price Qty
0160-04-199 Swift Lite Charcoal Discs (Pkg of 10 discs) Each 3.00


Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and place it in a censer or a heat proof dish. Light the edge of the tablet with a match or taper. The tablet will then light across its surface. The tablet should be left to burn out and cool in the censer. To extinguish a tablet before it has fully cooled, quench in a container of cold water. Do not hold the tablet in your hand when lit!

When the tablet has been lit, do not handle it, as it will cause a burn.
Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper bin, as this may cause a fire.
Do not hold the tablet in your hand when lighting or when burning.


If you are interested, we sell Charcoal Brass Burners/Kettles and Olde World Pewter Charcoal Burners.  (Go take a peek at them!)


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