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Daisy Mae

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~ Soapstone ~
Item # 0160-01-890k
Aroma Lamp Kit includes:
½ oz bottle of Honey Rose Fragrance Oil
an extra T-Lite candle
1 Dropper
Drawstring Sheer Bag - Burgundy

Soapstone Aroma Lamp Kit with Honey Rose fragrance oil (back view) Soapstone Aroma Lamp Kit with Honey Rose fragrance oil Soapstone Aroma Lamp Kit with Honey Rose fragrance oil
Soapstone Aroma Lamp with Honey Rose Fragrance Oil
This Aroma Lamp is made of Soapstone with a soapstone round dish, stands 4" tall and is 4 ½" wide.  Due to the nature of soapstone, no two lamps will be the same!

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Place a few drops of Fragrance Oil and a tablespoon (+/-) of hot tap water into the bowl 
of your Aroma Lamp.  Heating of fragrance oil without using hot water is not recommended.
Use no more than 10 drops of fragrance oil for every ¼ cup of hot tap water.
Secure the tea-lite candle in the bottom of your lamp, and then light it.
The tea-lite will heat the oil and disperse the fragrance throughout the room.
Now sit back and allow the fragrance to relax or uplift and refresh your mind, body and spirit....
As water runs low from evaporation, add only hot water to your dish.
When you are finished using your Aroma Lamp, blow out the candle. Allow the dish to cool down before 
washing it with soap and water.  Washing the dish will help avoid the build up of old oil base.

CautionsThese fragrance oils are highly concentrated.
Please do not use them on your skin, they will burn.
Watch the water level in your lamp; make sure there is always enough water/oil mixture.
Never use alcohol based fragrance or perfume in any Aroma Burner.
Keep away from the little ones ~ children and animals.
Never leave your Aroma Lamp unattended while lit.

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