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Daisy Mae

We have some beautiful Wall Plaques that can be hung in your home or outside!
Some contain little gem stones and others come with Prayer Cards.
Hope you find something here that you like!

~Click on images for a close-up view~

Item # & Description


Wall Plaque - Amethyst Goddess

Wall Plaque - Amethyst Goddess
The Amethyst Goddess Wall Plaque measures 7.75" tall x 3" wide. She is painted a light lavender (lilac?) color and comes with amethyst stones attached.  Can be hung inside or outside your home, but to be safe, I wouldn't hang her in direct sunlight.

Wall Plaque - Mystery Goddess

Wall Plaque - Mystery Goddess
The Mystery Goddess measures 5.5" square and is approx .5" thick.  She's tan with a greenish tint and is hung by the leather-like straps.  (I'm not real sure if it's leather?  My hubby doesn't seem to think so!)  This wall plaque would look nice hanging by your altar or in your meditation room.  Again - I would not hang her in direct sunlight only because of the leather-like straps.

Wall Plaque - Protection Goddess

Wall Plaque - Protection Goddess
The Protection Goddess measures 6.25" in diameter x approx 1.5" thick.  She has a shimmery copper coloring - she's really quite beautiful to look at.  Hang her by your altar or any room where you need extra Protection.

Wall Plaque - Sacred Tree

Wall Plaque - Sacred Tree
The Sacred Tree measures 6.5" tall x 4" wide x .5" thick.  If you look closely, the "tree" itself is actually a Goddess with a Goddess head at the top.  This Wall Plaque comes with a Prayer Card:
"With your feet deeply rooted into the ground and your head reaching for the light, you bear the most precious fruit ~ Life itself.  May you always remind me to be grateful for this ever present life surrounding me each day"  This wall plaque would be nice to hang inside, right by your front door - just as a little reminder when you're leaving for the day.


Wall Plaque - Goddess Whisper
The Goddess Whisper Wall Plaque is made from natural gypsum that contains no harmful chemicals and has lovely shades of green and gold. The Goddess Whisper measures 9.5" tall x 6.5" wide.
This Wall Plaque also comes with a Prayer Card:
"I am the Woman who holds up the Sky.
The Rainbow runs through my Eyes.
The Sun makes a Path to my Womb.
My Thoughts are in the shape of the Clouds.
But my Words are yet to come."
(Poem of the Yute Indians)



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