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Daisy Mae

     ~Temple Essence Perfume Solids~    
Temple Essence Perfume Solids combine pure coconut oil, beeswax and their own unique perfume blends to create creamy, richly textured specialty fragrances.  These exotic products are further enhanced by their hand-carved soapstone containers.  Each Perfume Solid is placed in a tissue-lined gift box. We invite you to experience this collection of exquisite fragrances that offers something for everyone!  Approx 1/5 oz

$9.95 each

Scent Description


Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Ambrosia
We brought this one back by popular demand! Ambrosia is a sweet, flirty and fun fragrance with notes of Black Cherry and Vanilla. Fruity, yet subtle!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Black Coconut
A simple blend of 100% Coconut - very tropical! A rich essence of coconut, evoking the tropics and a sublimely delicious aroma. Sweet, warm and inviting!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Dark Opium
Exotic and slightly spicy, dries down to a warm and smooth aroma with touches of Vanilla and Patchouli. Rich, intense, spicy & mysterious!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Eastern Sandalwood
Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian Sandalwood blended with Golden Amber and light green leafy notes. Another favorite enjoyed by both women and men. Eastern Sandalwood has a honeyed wood aroma with an earthy base - a classic, warm and woody scent.

Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Egyptian Goddess
Egyptian Goddess Perfume Solid is an incomparably soft, delicate musk which is both enchanting and seductive. Celebrating the exalted Goddess - it has been named by thousands worldwide as their absolute favorite fragrance - bar none! This luscious, warm scent is enjoyed by both women and men. Egyptian Goddess blends musk with soft floral notes and powder. (Formerly Sutra Musk)

Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Golden Vanilla
A sweet Vanilla supported by Musk, Muguet and light fruity touches at the top. Vanilla inspires wonderful emotions and desires!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Indo Patchouly
This world famous and historical fragrance has a resinous and earthy quality - smooth and intense. An Essential Oil from Indonesia, Indo Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy.
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Kashmir Rose
Intense Rose scent, without being too heady. It lends its sweet and smoky essence, opening channels of love and peacefulness, friendship and empathy, to enhance our lives. Kashmir Rose is a blend of Arabian Rose blended with a traditional Rose for a pure, true to the flower aroma!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ Starr Jasmine
Jasmine, fresh muguet and soft florals touched by green and sparkling top notes with Sandalwood added to round out the base. Warm, floral and very feminine - reminiscent of a floral summer breeze!
Temple Essence Perfume Solid ~ White Gardenia
Gardenia is supported by soft florals, creamy Musk and Sandalwood. Smooth, sweet, clean - a true Gardenia scent!


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