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Daisy Mae

~ What are Sachet Beads? ~
Sachet Beads are tiny clear beads that we soak in your favorite fragrance oil! Once they are dry, our highly scented Sachet Beads are placed in a 3" x 4" organza bag, then packaged in a cute little sack (which is made of heavy card stock - not plastic!) and then tied off with wraphia ribbon ~ ready for gift giving! They also make great wedding, shower & party favors! Sachet Beads have the scent of a candle or incense without the danger of a flame. To get the most aroma from our Sachet Beads, they should be used in a closed environment; like drawers (desk or lingerie!), lockers, gym bag, shoes/boots/slippers, luggage, linen closets, diaper bag/pail, purse, etc.

Custom Orders: Sachet Beads can be tailored to your favorite fragrance oil. We have many scents available, so please ask if you don't see your favorite fragrance listed! They are dry to the touch and ready to use in approximately 3 to 10 days. Don't forget to let us know what color Organza Bag you would like too!!

Note:  Props used in our graphics/images are not included

~Click on images for a close-up view~

Item #

Scent Description

Unit Price Qty

Sachet Beads ~ Amber
Sandalwood and musk lie beneath tender notes of Amber to warm this mystical aroma. A slightly sweet, subtle fragrance sure to awaken your senses!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Ambrosia
The magical nectar of the Gods in Greek mythology. It is said that the Gods kept their immortality by consuming ambrosia. Whipped cream, shredded coconut, fruit cocktail, pineapple, mandarin, maraschino cherries and marshmallows ~ tropical fruit at its best!
Each 5.95

Black Orchid
Sachet Beads ~ Black Orchid
Black Orchid is an exotic fragrance with clear fresh floral top notes that meld into a symphony of flowers at the heart of the fragrance. Top notes of fresh floral include Lily of the Valley and Jasmine. Mid notes comprising of fragrant Rose, Orchid, Carnation, Narcissus, Lilac and exquisite Gardenia round this fragrance. The complexity of the fragrance is completed with a rich marriage of Violet, Patchouli, soft powder, woods and a gentle, lingering Musk.
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Carnation
A true carnation scent, offering the sensation of feathery, touchable petals and sweet sophistication with a hint of spice!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Cherry
Very, very cherry! This will make you hungry for
a big bowl of red, ripe cherries!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Coconut
Smells just like a fresh cracked coconut!
Each 5.95

Dragon's Blood
Sachet Beads ~ Dragon's Blood
Sophisticated, complex and heady.  This magnificent fragrance has layers of musk's, amber, incense, cedars and a touch of patchouli to warm and enhance this exotic fragrance.  Use Dragon's Blood to evoke love and enlist psychic protection.
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Gardenia
Sophisticated and beautiful, yet subtle and delicate. This scent faithfully captures the essence of the gardenia flower without the strong and overwhelming undertones that synthetically manufactured scents all too frequently have.
Each 5.95

Honey Almond
Sachet Beads ~ Honey Almond
This delicious fragrance smells like almonds bathed
in sweet honey!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Honeysuckle
The ever-popular honeysuckle flower is a sweet flowering vine with one of the most beloved floral scents. Our Honeysuckle is realistic and strong. Unlike some florals, which can smell too perfumey or prissy - this is a bold, white-smelling scent.
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Hyacinth
Hyacinth is a fresh, white, clean, intense floral and the quintessential scent of Spring. Hyacinth is sure to captivate your soul!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Jasmine
One meaning for the jasmine flower is grace, elegance and sensuality. This is a perfect description of the "just like the real thing" scent. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac ~ but you'll never know until you try it!
Each 5.95

Lemon Verbena
Sachet Beads ~ Lemon Verbena
A fresh clean herbal lemon scent that's hard to beat. The crisp lemon with a green herbal base reminds many people of Jean Nate...
Each 5.95

Lily of the Valley
Sachet Beads ~ Lily of the Valley
This English wildflower lends the woods a sweet, magical fragrance with its tiny white bell-shaped hanging flowers. A true-to-its-name beautiful floral!
Each 5.95

Nag Champa
Sachet Beads ~ Nag Champa
This one has a deep, strong heart and a New Age purity to it that you will find enchanting. Nag Champa is a hand-rolled blend of rare champa flowers, spices and resins that create an aromatic incense. With its sweet, yet earthy fragrance, this scent combines spices like cinnamon and cloves, florals and fruit notes and a base of patchouli. Simple words cannot describe this ethereal, exotic fragrance; you'll have to try it to see for yourself!
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Opium
Opium is classified as a refined, subtle oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of Rose, Carnation, Sandalwood, Pepper, Lily of the Valley and Clove.
Each 5.95

Sachet Beads ~ Rose
The fresh scent of a rose ... beautiful, crisp and strong!
Each 5.95

Tropical Rain
Sachet Beads ~ Tropical Rain
A clean and refreshing rain with subtle African & White Musk. Musk, blonde woods, Lily and Heliotrope melded with White Muguet and leafy green notes for a fresh feminine scent! Imagine yourself in the Amazon after a rainstorm!
Each 5.95

Vanilla Select
Sachet Beads ~ Vanilla Select
Vanilla Select is the richest, buttery, realistic and silkiest vanilla you'll find anywhere. When people smell this smooth, velvety aroma, their eyes kind of roll back into their heads!! An absolute must-have if you love Vanilla!!
Each 5.95



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