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Daisy Mae

We have added Mortars & Pestles to our magical line of products!  A mortar is a bowl shaped container made of a hard wood, marble, pottery or stone.  The pestle is a bat shaped tool that is used to grind inside the mortar (bowl).  Use your Mortar & Pestle to grind up and mix herbs, resins, or crush flowers and bark and compose incenses and powders.

~Click on images for a close-up view~

Item # & Description Price Qty
Mortar & Pestle - Multi Green Onyx   Mortar & Pestle - Multi Green Onyx
Mortar & Pestle - Multi Green Onyx
(No two are alike!)
The Mortar measures 4" tall x approx 4" diameter.  The Pestle measures 4.75" tall x approx 1.5" wide and can stand on its end.
Made in Pakistan
29.95 Each
Mortar & Pestle - White Marble
Mortar & Pestle - White Marble
Opinions will vary but marble is the best choice for a versatile mortar and pestle.  Marble will not absorb odors from herbs or resins (such as frankincense tears or amber resin).  Marble is very hard and provides an excellent grinding surface and is easy to clean and maintain.  The Mortar measures 3.5" tall x approx 3.5" diameter.  The Pestle measures 4.5" tall x approx 1.5" wide and can stand on its end.
Made in Pakistan
19.95 Each
Mortar & Pestle - Soapstone
Mortar & Pestle - Soapstone
Due to the nature of Soapstone, no 2 Mortars & Pestles will ever be the same!  Some are very dark, while others are light.  Needless to say, Soapstone is very beautiful and unique!  The Mortar measures 2.5" tall x 4" diameter.  The Pestle measures 4" tall x approx 1.25" wide and cannot stand on its end.  Made in India

11.50 Each


How to use a Mortar & Pestle:
Place the substance to be ground inside the mortar, sit the pestle on top of the substance and apply downward pressure, then grind using a circular motion. This action forces the substance against the surface of the bowl and pulverizes it.

The grinding process releases the oils' essence of the substance. When done carefully, you will produce a product that is more potent than a store bought product/powder. Depending on the type of incense powder you are preparing the process can be quite laborious. If you enjoy magic, using a Mortar & Pestle will simply be part of your craft and well worth it!

There is no consecration ceremony necessary for your Mortar & Pestle. Simply wash them well before the first use and set to dry before a fire. Please use a sturdy
Charcoal Censer or Kettle and a Charcoal Disc to burn your incense powders.

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