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Daisy Mae

~Nag Champa - Satya Sai Baba~

For millennia, India has burned incense as a devotional practice, both to purify temples and in worshipping the divas or divine archetypes.  Over thousands of years, these temples have perfected the art of hand rolling incense. Nag Champa, a hand-rolled incense, carries this tradition into the 21st century.

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, enjoyed by millions, is one of the most popular incense in the world.  The natural ingredients, herbs, resins and masala are blended to perfection to create a soothing aroma. This aromatic incense with its sweet, yet earthy fragrance will enhance any mood or environment. 

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is often used for relaxation, to create an atmosphere conducive for meditation and any time one wants to simply enjoy its pleasant aroma. Jasper's Secret Garden carries Nag Champa in 40 gram packs and 8 stick tubes.


Item #


Unit Price Qty
1075-09-0141 Nag Champa - 40 gram box Box 3.00
1075-09-0139 Nag Champa - 8 stick tube Tube 1.00


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Caution:  Furniture surfaces, fabric and plastic may be compromised or damaged
by contact with packaged incense, cones, individual sticks or charcoal discs.
Incense products should always be burned in a fireproof 
Never leave burning incense products unattended.
Keep out of reach of the little ones - children and animals.
~Thank you for using common sense~

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