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Daisy Mae

1" Colored Premium Incense Cones  Premium Colored Incense Cones  1" Colored Premium Incense Cones
(click on the outer 2 pictures for a close-up view)

Jasper's Secret Garden is proud to introduce Colored Premium Incense Cones!  These Colored Premium Incense Cones are hand crafted using only the finest raw materials.  The cones are made by compacting a punk blend (ground wood resins) and are then dipped in colorants.  The colorants are safe and approved.  The cones are soaked in concentrated oils for 24 hours.  They are then removed, dried and soaked again for another 24 hours!  Colors may vary.

Packaging: Premium Colored Incense Cones are sealed in a 2" x 5" zip-lock bag to maintain freshness. We then put them into a one piece tuck-style box and label it accordingly.

Why Premium Colored Incense Cones are better:
Only High Quality materials are used
They are Hand-crafted
No alcohol is ever used
No glues or chemicals are added
They are non-toxic and cruelty free
They are soaked in concentrated oils
They are scented with quality essences
They have a clean burn when lit
The true fragrance permeates the air when lit
They are long lasting!!
Burn Time: 25 - 30 minutes

20 Premium Colored Incense Cones per box

$3.50 per box  -  On Sale for $2.25 per box
(Limited to stock on hand)

Item # and Scent Description

Unit Qty
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Cherry
Very, very cherry! This will make you hungry for a big bowl of red, ripe cherries! (deep burgundy)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ China Rain
A musk and floral blend with a base of Amber and creamy Sandalwood. Topped off with fresh green nuances and soft florals. (deep rust color)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Frankincense & Myrrh
Ancient, sacred fragrances evoke a transporting and delightful pilgrimage into a temple of ones' own creation. Used for clearing a place of negativity. Traditional and well loved; the oldest blend of two magnificent aromas ~ Frank & Myrrh. Burn Frank & Myrrh to awaken spirituality, promote awareness, awaken a higher consciousness & spirituality; empowering and inspirational. (light tan)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Gardenia
Sophisticated and beautiful, yet subtle and delicate. This scent faithfully captures the essence of the gardenia flower without the strong and overwhelming undertones that synthetically manufactured scents all too frequently have. (deep olive green)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Jasmine
One meaning for the jasmine flower is grace, elegance and sensuality. This is a perfect description of the "just like the real thing" scent. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac, but you'll never know until you try it! Burn Jasmine for lifting spirits & depression, quieting nerves and feminine energy. (deep olive green)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Koko Mango
Imagine the most beautiful day at the beach, embraced in the aroma of sweet, ripe mango and tantalizing coconut! Fresh, summery and fun! (deep rust color)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Lavender
Lavender is a very popular and aromatic flower that is known for its narrow aromatic leaves and spikes of lilac-purple flowers. Burn Lavender for relaxation, nurturing, relieving anxiety and peace. (very deep purple)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Obsession
An alluring, oriental blend of citrus top notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange blossoms and coriander followed by exotic florals, on a base of vanilla, amber and musk with hints of oakmoss. A warm, refreshing and oriental scent. (very deep purple)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Patchouli
This world famous and historical fragrance has a resinous and earthy quality. Often considered the King of all incense, Patchouli is deep, luxurious, lingering and has an exotic aroma! This strong fragrance was popular in the 70's and is still a classic today! Burn Patchouli for physical energy and its association with money. (light tan)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Strawberry Fields
This full-bodied, scrumptious and true fragrance shares the gift of the perfect strawberry; in all its beauty. Sharp, sweet greens and Ozark scarlet red strawberries enhanced by peaches and bananas. (deep burgundy)
Premium Colored Incense Cones ~ Vanilla
One of the most beautiful Vanilla's we have found in incense! The pure celebration of the vanilla orchid lifts spirits, calms and soothes nerves. Vanilla also inspires wonderful emotions and desires! (very dark brown)


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Caution:  Furniture surfaces, fabric and plastic may be compromised or damaged
by contact with packaged incense, cones, individual sticks or charcoal discs.
Incense products should always be burned in a fireproof 
Never leave burning incense products unattended.
Keep out of reach of the little ones - children and animals.
~ Thank you for using common sense~

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~ In loving memory of Daisy Mae ~