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Daisy Mae

~Premium Charcoal Incense Cones~
~Click on images above for a close-up view~

Jasper's Secret Garden is proud to introduce Premium Charcoal Incense Cones! These Premium Charcoal Incense Cones are hand crafted using only the finest raw materials. Unscented charcoal cones are crafted using a powdered, triple filtered charcoal. The cones are made by compacting the charcoal. Because triple filtered charcoal is used, the end product will burn smoother and cleaner than regular punk cones. The charcoal is a more porous product than wood punk and absorbs the oil more rapidly. The cones are soaked in concentrated oils for 24 hours. They are then removed, dried and soaked again for another 24 hours!

Packaging: Premium Charcoal Incense Cones are sealed in a 2" x 5" zip-lock bag to maintain freshness. We then put them into a one piece tuck-style box and label it accordingly.

Why Premium Charcoal Cones are better:
Only High Quality materials are used
They are Hand-crafted
No alcohol is ever used
No glues or chemicals are added
They are non-toxic and cruelty free
They are soaked in concentrated oils
They are scented with quality essences
They have a clean burn when lit
The true fragrance permeates the air when lit
They are long lasting!!
Burn Time: 25 - 30 minutes

20 Premium Charcoal Incense Cones per box

$3.50 per box  -  On Sale for $2.25 per box
(Limited to stock on hand)

Item # and Scent Description

Unit Qty
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Amber
Sandalwood and musk lie beneath tender notes of Amber to warm this mystical aroma. A slightly sweet, subtle fragrance sure to awaken your senses!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Cinnamon
Spicy and hot, just like cinnamon! Burn Cinnamon for courage, boosting energy and will.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Coconut
What would the tropics be without Coconut? A true toasted coconut scent.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Dragon's Blood
Sophisticated, complex and heady.  This magnificent fragrance has layers of musk's, amber, incense, cedars and a touch of patchouli to warm and enhance this exotic fragrance.  Use Dragon's Blood to evoke love and enlist psychic protection.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Frankincense
The original scent of the East, Frankincense is strong, yet subtle. It has the ability to spark creative talents. Burn Frankincense for promoting awareness, relieving confusion & guilt, and meditation.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Goddess
An exotic musky floral with a hint of citrus. Rich with ancient spices mixed with sweet honey, Amber and Musk. This is a very "female" scent ~ Smooth and silky!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Green Tea
Stimulating! Long prized in Asian countries for its health benefits, Green Tea is also very favored as a scent. Nice, fresh green tea fragrance, in a league of its own ~ strong and amazingly true! Gently uplifting scent that brightens the mood!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Kama Sutra
Invigorate your senses with this sexy and animalistic aroma. A flirtatious, fruity and very sexy fragrance!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Lavender
Lavender is a very popular and aromatic flower that is known for its narrow aromatic leaves and spikes of lilac-purple flowers. Burn Lavender for relaxation, nurturing, relieving anxiety and peace.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Lilac
Our Lilac is the most realistic that we could find. This lovely and delicate Lilac invokes thoughts of old-fashioned ladies in hoopskirts, strolling through the park with their beaus. Rather than the overdone perfumey imitations, our Lilac achieves the true, delicate, full-bodied scent. Lilac is a timeless, interestingly modern scent, popular with both men and women. This one is especially nice, as it is a fine blend of green top notes, dewy florals and finishes with a light, herbal dry-down. It is a magnificent light floral scent that is sure to please you!! Lilac brings happiness! Burn Lilac for comfort, purification and love.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Majik
A deep and earthy scent with a touch of sweet. Myrrh adds a rich sweetness and Amber brings a touch of spice. The romance of Majik adds its most magical adventures!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Moon Magic
Description coming soon ;o)
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ One Love
A sweet, flirty and fun fragrance with notes of Black Cherry and Vanilla - an eternal classic!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Opium
Classified as a refined, subtle oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of Rose, Carnation, Sandalwood, Pepper, Lily of the Valley and Clove. Exotic and slightly spicy, dries down to a warm and smooth aroma.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Patchouli
This world famous and historical fragrance has a resinous and earthy quality. Often considered the King of all incense, Patchouli is deep, luxurious, lingering and has an exotic aroma! This strong fragrance was popular in the 70's and is still a classic today! Burn Patchouli for physical energy and its association with money.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Prosperity
Description coming soon ;o)
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Rain
Refreshing, soothing. Rain-drenched air, clean and soft. If you love the smell of a sunny day after a Spring rain, you will love this fragrance! Fresh, unisex fragrance.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Sandalwood
Sandalwood has a honeyed wood aroma with an earthy base - a classic, warm and woody scent. Another favorite enjoyed by both women and men! Burn Sandalwood for imagination, centering & stabilizing, meditation, spirituality and promoting courage.
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Somali Rose
A rose like no other! A classic rose fragrance livened up with hints of wildflowers and carnation. Truly beautiful!
Premium Charcoal Incense Cones ~ Tropical Rain
A clean and refreshing rain with subtle African & White Musk. Musk, blonde woods, Lily and Heliotrope melded with White Muguet and leafy green notes for a fresh feminine scent! Imagine yourself in the Amazon after a rainstorm!


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Caution:  Furniture surfaces, fabric and plastic may be compromised or damaged
by contact with packaged incense, cones, individual sticks or charcoal discs.
Incense products should always be burned in a fireproof 
Never leave burning incense products unattended.
Keep out of reach of the little ones - children and animals.
~ Thank you for using common sense~

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