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Daisy Mae

Spiritual Sky is hand-made incense.  This very popular Incense has been around since the mid 1970's.  Only premium ingredients are used.  From the most remote times, incense has been cherished for its exotic fragrance by the privileged few.
The original aromatic resin was employed in the stately courts of ancient kings; it was the original gift of the 3 Magi.  Prized for its medicinal properties, its ability to arouse a myriad of moods, as an offering during meditations, a ritual for purification, incense has proven its utility.  In our modern days of congested cities and stale air, incense has been found to be a safe, pleasant and natural deodorant for the home and inspiration for the tired soul.  Spiritual Sky has prepared a complete range of perfumed aromas, whose daily use will nuance the atmosphere of your home.  Enjoy!

Each package contains 20 - 10" sticks

$3.00 per package

Item # and Scent Description

Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ African Violet
An exotic Violet scent. Delightfully fresh and invigorating!
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Amber
An intensely rich, musky floral with wood undertones.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Cinnamon
Spicy and hot, just like cinnamon!
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Frankincense
The original scent of the East, Frankincense is strong, yet subtle.
It has the ability to spark creative talents.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Lavender
This beautiful, peaceful fragrance creates gentle moods in your heart.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Lilac
A very true lilac!  Lilac brings happiness.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Opium
Sensuously sweet and spicy ~ perfect for intimate occasions.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Rain
Light Rain, not overpowering.
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Rose
Spice and Floral, makes a warm combination - very sensual!
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Vanilla
Sweet and delicious! One of the most beautiful Vanilla's we have found in incense!
Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks ~ Variety Pack
A combination of different scents. These sticks are colored too!


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Caution:  Furniture surfaces, fabric and plastic may be compromised or damaged
by contact with packaged incense, cones, individual sticks or charcoal discs.
Incense products should always be burned in a fireproof 
Never leave burning incense products unattended.
Keep out of reach of the little ones - children and animals.
~ Thank you for using common sense ~

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~ In loving memory of Daisy Mae ~