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Daisy Mae


Auric Blends Incense Sticks are hand-dipped with the highest imported grade of fragrance compound oil available in the marketplace today. This long-burning incense is saturated completely to ensure the best quality of fragrance while burning. Incense Sticks are individually color coded for easy identification! All Auric Blends products are free from animal products and animal testing.
10 - 11" Incense Sticks per package

$2.25 per package

Item # and Scent Description

Unit Qty
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Amber (goldenrod tip)
Rich, spicy, warm, sensual and sweet, with a hint of mild spice. Rich and full-bodied, yet subtle; a mysterious and haunting fragrance - Amber is one of the hardest fragrances to describe!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Aphrodesia (lavender tip)
Embark upon an adventure with heady notes of Rose and Jasmine smoothed out with a base of Sandalwood and Vanilla. Soft and spicy - with a kick!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Arabian Musk (white tip)
Sandalwood, pale Amber and Musk is blended with hints of green; bringing forth the evocative musk of traditional African heritage, allows a touch of the exotic to enter your world, softly and gently.
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Black Coconut (brown tip)
Sudanese and White Coconut for a sweet, warm and inviting blend! A rich essence of coconut, evoking the tropics and a sublimely delicious aroma.
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Blue Nile (blue tip)
Fresh and green, reminiscent of wet grass and the aroma of hay.
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Coco Mango (mauve tip)
A fruity, tropical blend of sweet Coconut and exotic Mango - fresh, summery and fun! Imagine the most beautiful day at the beach, embraced in the aroma of sweet, ripe mango and tantalizing coconut!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Frankincense & Myrrh (yellow tip)
Ancient, sacred fragrances evoke a transporting and delightful pilgrimage into a temple of ones' own creation. Used for clearing a place of negativity. Traditional and well loved; the oldest blend of two magnificent aromas - Frank & Myrrh.
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Isis (burnt orange tip)
A blend of Egyptian and Arabian Sandalwoods blended with a touch of Vanilla. Woods from rich cultures imbue the world of Isis; sweetened with beauty, devotion and unrivaled significance.
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Island Paradise (teal tip)
Sweet and fruity, this blend includes Banana, Pineapple and Mango. Immerse yourself in the magnificent mixture of prime island fruits that surround you in your own paradisal haven!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Night Queen (cobalt blue tip)
Night Queen is a warm, rich fragrance that provides a sense of mystery. Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood and White Musk meet dominate notes of sparkling citrus nuances and White Florals!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Peach (peach tip)
Ripe peaches, flourishing upon the tree, offer their precious bounty, and there's nothing to compare to their delicate wafting perfume! Sweet and luscious - this blend is 100% Peach!
Auric Blends Incense Sticks ~ Transition (deep purple tip)
A spicy and fresh Lavender blend. Accompany the times of your life's transitions with the piquant, fresh aroma of lavender.


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Caution:  Furniture surfaces, fabric and plastic may be compromised or damaged
by contact with packaged incense, cones, individual sticks or charcoal discs.
Incense products should always be burned in a fireproof 
Never leave burning incense products unattended.
Keep out of reach of the little ones - children and animals.
~ Thank you for using common sense~

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