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Daisy Mae

Egyptian Goddess® Products
Egyptian Goddess® lovers ~ this page is just for you!! Auric Blends has taken their top selling perfume fragrance and created three new products for your enjoyment. We have always carried their Perfume Oil, Perfume Solid, Mini Stix and Incense Sticks. We are now proud to carry their newest creations ~ packaged Incense Sticks and Soap. Enjoy!

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Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil

Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil is an incomparably soft, delicate musk which is both enchanting and seductive.  It has been named by thousands worldwide as their absolute favorite fragrance - bar none!  This luscious, warm scent is enjoyed by both women and men. Egyptian Goddess blends musk with soft floral notes and powder.  Each Perfume Oil is packaged in a clear glass vial with a roll-on applicator and screw-on lid - 1/3 fluid oz.  Order some today and experience what all the talk is about...!!!
Each 8.95
Egyptian Goddess Perfume Solid

Egyptian Goddess Perfume Solid

Egyptian Goddess Perfume Solid combines pure coconut oil, beeswax and Egyptian Goddess perfume oil to create a creamy, richly textured specialty fragrance product.  Egyptian Goddess Perfume Solids can be applied anywhere Auric Blends Perfume Oils are worn.  This exotic product is further enhanced by the exquisite hand-carved soapstone containers they are contained in.
Each 9.95
Egyptian Goddess Packaged Incense Sticks

Egyptian Goddess Packaged Incense Sticks
Egyptian Goddess Incense is one of our top selling incense fragrances and is also a perfect compliment to our Egyptian Goddess Perfume Oil and Perfume Solid. Allow the enchanting fragrance of Egyptian Goddess Incense to add some sensuality and warmth to your environment.  Auric Blends hand-dipped incense is made from the highest quality ingredients available and is saturated completely to ensure the best quality of fragrance while burning.
20 - 11" sticks per package

Pkg 3.75
Egyptian Goddess Mini Stix

Egyptian Goddess Mini Stix
Egyptian Goddess Mini Stix - the perfect size for traveling, meditation or anytime you need a "little" fresh air.  Each 4" stick has a burn time of approximately 20 minutes, which is also perfect for timing your bath!  Like our 11" Incense Sticks, Mini Stix are individually color coded for easy identification!  Mini Stix are sealed in a 2" x 5" zip-lock bag to maintain freshness.
10 - 4" Mini Stix per package
Pkg 1.50
Egyptian Goddess Soap

Egyptian Goddess Soap
Egyptian Goddess soap is a pure and natural glycerin soap enhanced with unrefined Cocoa butter and Shea butter.  It will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Egyptian Goddess soap is hypoallergenic and won't clog pores.
Egyptian Goddess Soap ~ 3.9 oz
Each 4.50


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